How to Choose a Board Meeting Software

How to choose the right software for your board meeting?

Virtually conducting a board conference is a good way to keep everyone engaged. But not all tools are created to be equal, particularly in terms of meeting effectiveness and ease of use. When evaluating potential tools for managing your board make sure you choose a clear user interface that is free of distractions and requires no training to master. Look for features like integrated video conferencing, which allows you to conduct your meetings in one place, so you can focus on the task at hand rather than switching between different apps and tabs. Look for solutions that provide tutorials, workflow education and technical support to ensure your board members are able to adopt the solution smoothly.

Modern board management software typically has real-time syncing. This means that when directors sign in to their board portal they are instantly presented with the most recent version of every document. This means that there is no need to compile and distribute materials for meetings afterward thus reducing time and effort for admins. Additionally online collaboration tools allow board members to write notes and share their thoughts in a collaborative format, which improves pre-meeting preparation and meeting outcomes. Certain boards-level platforms also allow the voting of attendees and is a perfect way to reach an agreement on governance guidelines and hiring decisions. In the UK, for example, section 360A of the Companies Act allows businesses to adopt an online voting system instead of a show-of-hands voting system and documents the results of every decision, increasing transparency and confidence of shareholders and investors.


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