How to Conduct a Board Portals Comparison

It is important to determine what your company’s needs are before you start looking for a board portal. This will help you ensure that the platform will have all the tools that can assist your executive leadership team during meetings with the board. This includes live meetings, eSignature, collaboration, document management capabilities and more. You should also consider the possible time and cost savings which can be realized through the use of this platform.

When you conduct software demonstrations on different portals for board meetings be sure to note how easy it is to use. The user experience will impact the way your board will use the tool and whether it will be effective at implementing best governance practices.

It is also important to inquire about the pricing structure of the vendor which will impact how much it costs to use the portal. Some firms charge a set fee and others base their pricing on the number and type of users, features, and storage security. You might be required to pay for more upgrades, customisations, or even additional training.

Also, when evaluating the security measures of a board portal and compliance standard, look for CMMI SW, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certificates. This will ensure that the data is stored securely and adheres to industry standard best practices. Also, you should consider whether they provide cloud-based or on-premise hosting to limit the risk of data.

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