How to Have Productive and Engaging Board Directors Meetings

Board directors play a crucial role in the growth of your company. They can provide feedback, offer support or make decisions that determine the direction of your company. Therefore, it’s important to have engaging and productive board meetings. But how do you achieve this?

Start with the Most Important Items

The bulk of your board meeting should be devoted to discussing the best way to implement the strategies of your company. This is the perfect time to bring up concrete KPI goals that can be tracked and measured, such as net promoter scores, sales per region, as well as employee retention and churn rates. This helps to ensure your board is in harmony with the rest of the business and can work as a unit towards the same goals.

Don’t Get Lost

Distractions from new discussion topics during the board meeting could easily consume meeting time and divert board members from the most important agenda items. The chair should instead begin the meeting by providing a summary of the most important information that will be sought during the meeting. This includes reiterating important points from the pre-meeting call and the board package.

If a new issue is brought up that’s not a priority, you can shift it to the final item on the agenda, or plan it for an interruption. This will stop it from being ignored and will give a sense that the board is actively taking note of new ideas and perspectives.

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