Public Power’s Cybersecurity Summit

virtual data room security

Participate in the cybersecurity summit where you’ll learn from and share ideas with hundreds of CSO’s, CISO’s, IT Security Managers, CEOs & VPs of IT Security in an intimate and non-tradeshow-like environment with a luxury setting. All meals and snacks are included in one affordable price.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Public power leaders are aware that cyber criminals are constantly changing, as evident by high-profile breaches at Under Armour, Equifax and Yahoo, Blue Cross/Blue Shield among others.

Participants learn practical tips, solutions and strategies from experts in the field who know how to deal with the ever-changing threats. The Arizona Technology Council, AZ Commerce Authority and the Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance present this informative event.

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet cybersecurity experts and leaders. The summit includes a wide array of exhibiting businesses and government resource partners, small business development centers, as well as many other local and state-of-the-art resources.

Find out from key stakeholders about their experiences in dealing with recent cyber-attacks that have targeted the power industry. You’ll be able to get an insider’s view of the current threat landscape, and how it impacts the electric sector and public power entities specifically.

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