Virtual Systems for Your Business

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “virtual system”? For many, virtualization sounds like a complicated, expensive technology out of reach for small businesses. Virtualization is now within the reach for any company looking to improve the efficiency of its IT.

Virtualization is the process that converts hardware resources into virtual components that can be provided to users at any time. These virtual components are known as VMs, which is short for Virtual Machines. A VM is an exact replica of a computer’s setup. This means that when the new employee comes to the team, they can immediately start working on a computer that is identical to their predecessor. This makes it easier to integrate a new employee and ensures all employees have access to software and other applications needed to complete their job.

Another key benefit of VMs is that they can be used to run a variety of operating systems. For instance an employee might use the Mac but needs a specific software that only runs on Windows. A VM can allow them to run this software on their Mac without installing it separately. Software developers also have to test their updates across different environments. Conducting these tests on a VM can save time and money when as compared to testing on a variety of physical devices.

Finally, a VM can be used to store data and backup files. There are many benefits to this approach, including the reduction of costs and facilitating disaster recovery and facilitating storage management. With cloud-based VM solution like HPE GreenLake, you can take advantage of built-in buffer capacities without the need to invest in additional hardware for your remote offices or data center.

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