What Is an Information Security Management System?

An information security management system (ISMS) helps protect your organization’s data through both technological safeguards and policies which establish guidelines for employees handling sensitive data. This includes implementing cybersecurity practices, conducting infosec training sessions as well as promoting an environment that is accountable for data protection.

ISMSs can also be inspected for compliance and certified. They are designed to meet the requirements of your organization and the industry regulations. ISO 27001 is bitdefender the best-known standard for ISMS, but there are others that may be more appropriate for your business and industry, such as the NIST framework for federal agencies.

Who is responsible for Information Security?

In contrast to being an IT-only initiative, ISMS involves a wide variety of departments and staff which include the C-suite human resources, marketing and sales, as well as customer service. This helps to ensure that everyone is on board with regards to information security and the proper protocols are followed.

Creating an ISMS requires an exhaustive risk assessment, which is best carried out using an effective risk management tool like vsRisk. This tool allows you to quickly complete assessments, lay out the results to make it easy to analyze and prioritize and ensure they are consistent year after year. An ISMS can also help reduce expenses because it lets you prioritize your highest-risk assets. This stops you from spending on defense technologies in a haphazard manner and can reduce downtime because of cybersecurity incidents. This results in lower OPEX, and CAPEX.

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