What is Document Management?

Document management is a set of technologies, processes and tools that collect documents, organize and store them in an organization. This includes the management of the documents’ content (data) that makes up these documents, as well as the metadata that describes them.

The implementation of a document management system requires planning, training and purchasing the right software. It is about evaluating existing workflows and identifying areas where they could be enhanced to make them more effective.

A document manager allows an organization to record the information, categorize it, and organize information so that it is easy to access for employees. It can be used to organize documents, create and manage different types of documents including standard operating procedures (SOPs), contracts, invoices and certificates spreadsheets, emails and invoices.

After a document is completed, it is crucial that all stakeholders involved are informed and given a chance to look it over prior to final approval. Document management systems can aid in this regard: They provide an integrated platform for sharing suggestions and comments, removing the need to send long emails. Stakeholders can then comment on specific aspects such as marketing compliance or tone, wording spelling, and many more.

After the document has been examined and approved then the document is uploaded to the database. All internal stakeholders will then have access to it. Depending on the software used, document management systems may automatically notify the relevant stakeholders once the document has been uploaded, so that they can begin the review process.


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