What to Include on Your Board Meeting Agenda

An organized agenda is the starting point for every boardroom meeting. It sets the tone for how involved your board members are during discussions and outlines the topics you’re planning to discuss and gives you an early start on preparing comprehensive minutes that memorialize your decisions.

The ideal board meeting agenda should include a separate section for reporting. Here, department chairpersons and the heads of committees can inform the board about important information. Based on the requirements of your organization it may include reports from the executive director or finance director, nominating committee, and other important committees or departments.

The next item on your board meeting agenda should be “new business.” This is where you and your colleagues will discuss the ideas that have been surfacing during your last meeting, and how to best move forward. This is a great opportunity for discussion and debate, so make sure to make time for it. This is usually when your board decides to change to table, or to pass an item on to another committee.

It’s common to include special announcements and messages of congratulations in the new business section. This is a chance for you to show your board members some appreciation and show that you are concerned about the contribution they make.

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